Idaho Central Credit Union Arena featured in sb Magazine’s Sports Halls and Arenas Issue

Receiving international recognition, the Idaho Central Credit Union Arena (ICCU Arena) at University of Idaho was featured by the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) in the January issue of sb Magazine. The “Long Distance Span Maximizes Open Space” feature in the Sports Halls and Arenas issue highlights the focus on the mass timber design and maximizing open space at the ICCU Arena. In addition to enhancing the open space in the Arena, the design team utilized DLT (dowel-laminated timber) and CLT cross-laminated timber) to create a warm and inviting experience for the basketball players, coaches, staff and visitors.

“The design focus was on creating an expressive, warm and unique structure that spoke to the University, region and culture. The design pushes the structural elements to the forefront of the arena experience in lieu of a hidden backdrop to the action. The project required stretching the limits in terms of the spanning capabilities of timber construction through the creation of poetic efficiencies that enhanced experiential qualities of the arena.”

Check out the full article to learn more about the use of mass timber at the ICCU Arena.