Idaho Central Credit Union Arena Case Study by WoodWorks

Check out WoodWorks’ newest case study highlighting the innovative long-span capabilities of the Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) Arena and the collaboration with the Idaho Timber industry. Breaking away from going vertical with mass timber, our team for the ICCU Arena was challenged to push mass timber to span long distances and maximize open space. Receiving a Wood Innovations Grant from the USDA Forest Service, our team designed the Arena with unique, curving mass timber elements including the portal frame, king post trusses and composite plywood roof deck.

“It’s natural to expect to see concrete and steel in an arena, but we used mass timber to create a beautiful wood structure that reflects Idaho’s sense of place, creating a unique experience for the people inside.”

-Chris Roberts, Associate Principal

Inspired by the rolling hills of the nearby Palouse, the Arena’s undulating wood roof creates a visually stunning structure not often associated with large arenas. As WoodWorks writes, “[the] innovative design, long spans, complex geometry, regional collaboration – the ICCU Arena has it all.”

Read and download the full case study at WoodWorks.