Opsis Studio

Our open studio without walls integrates partners, interns and architects into a cohesive design group. As a studio we grow and learn from each other through project critique sessions, firm-wide meetings, continuing education sessions, webinars, lunch presentations, and conferences.

The Opsis studio practice is rooted in the guiding principle of collaborative “vision-making.” We thrive on open discourse and critique that shapes an idea based architecture. Our designs evolve through a variety of exploratory tools from articulating guiding principles and study sketches, to physical models and virtual visualization. The resulting work embodies the particular qualities of culture and place, function and beauty and environmental stewardship.

Our search for the best ideas is constant and requires the collective involvement of inspired, hard-working and selfless individuals who understand that the most rewarding work is done together. We learn by doing, using all the tools and technologies available to us in this search for the ideas. We share, analyze, discuss, challenge and debate all ideas within the safe, respectful and open environment of the Opsis studio.