Woodburn Success High School receives Zero Energy certification

Opsis is proud to announce Woodburn Success High School has received a Zero Energy certification through the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Woodburn Success High School was the first high school in Oregon to enroll in the Energy Trust of Oregon’s path to net zero program and the first Woodburn School District project to be awarded the stringent Zero Energy certification by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability organizations.

Opsis and our design team partner, Interface Engineering, designed the new school with a range of energy-saving features to achieve zero energy performance. Top performance features include a high performance building envelope, a 251 kw-DC array comprised of 728 panels located on site by A&R Solar and a highly efficient mechanical and electrical system designed by Interface Engineering. The building’s VRF (variable refrigerating flow) systems provides all the space heating and cooling for the building and offers high cooling and heating operating efficiencies. The efficient design of the building includes three HRVS (heat recovery ventilators) that recover energy from the building exhaust air to preheat incoming ventilation air.

Designed as a “building that teaches,” a dashboard connected to the metering system was placed in the school to provide opportunities learning. Additional energy-saving and sustainability strategies were employed, including the use of extensive daylighting controls in the commons and classrooms, occupancy-controlled power receptacles and the use of water saving products from dual-flush toilets to low-flow faucets.

The Energy Trust of Oregon worked closely with the District, providing a range of technical assistance to maximize the efficiency and potential of the new building’s solar array to help reach their goal of generating as much energy as the school uses.