Boivin Hall Renovation

Oregon Institute of Technology

The renovation of Boivin Hall, originally built on Oregon Tech’s campus in the 1970s, represents the university’s commitment to creating an open, welcoming and state-of-the art facility for science and technology programs.

Size: 44,000 sf
Location: Klamath Falls, OR
Associate Architect: ORW Architecture

The renovated Boivin Hall will offer a range of academic programs spaces including new chemistry and teaching labs, office suites for College Administration and the Student Advising and Retention department and the new home for campus Information Technology Systems (ITS). To create a welcoming and open environment, the renovation retains the monolithic roof structure while reconfiguring all exterior walls and interiors to create open and light-filled spaces that meet modern code and accessibility standards.

Once complete, the newly activated courtyard side of Boivin Hall will include a student-focused lounge and project rooms that center around an open, daylit light well with connections to the ITS Department and help desk located in the lower-level common space.