Applied Technology & Innovation Center

College of Southern Idaho

The 38,000 sf Applied Technology & Innovation Center facility creates a highly flexible vocational technology learning environment specifically focused on 21st century job training skills.

Size: 38,000 sf
Location: Twin Falls, ID
Stat: LEED Silver
Associate Architect: Lombard Conrad Architects

The facility includes a range of Career Technical Education (CTE) programs like Wind Energy Technology, Environmental Technology (residential solar, wind and biofuels), Mechatronics, HVAC technology, Machining (CNC and 3-D prototype modeling), and Automated Manufacturing technology. Computer classrooms and labs complement each large, open shop area, recognizing that today’s CTE training requires extensive computer-based course and design work. Faculty offices are located with visual access to both the public space and corridors for improved safety.

A 60-foot-high climbing tower provides a controlled environment for students to learn safe climbing skills necessary for commercial wind turbine construction and maintenance. Opsis located the glass enclosed tower at a campus entry point allowing visitors to classes in action.

Three open shop areas are designed with flexible infrastructure to adapt to future program changes and new technologies. Informal study lounges with large glass walls provide views into each shop area, creating a strong connection between academics and hands-on learning.

Since opening, the large, flexible space has been adapted to support the college’s hands-on food processing technology program.

The central mechanical room is glazed to allow students to see all of the building systems.