Multicultural Center recognized for Facility Design Excellence by ACUI

The Multicultural Center at Western Washington University has received the 2020 Facility Design of Excellence award by the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). The new space celebrates diversity and inclusion on campus to provide a visible, accessible, welcoming space to support student needs, diverse identities and success.

“Western’s new Multicultural Center is a turning point in Western and Bellingham’s history. It marks a time when students of color are leading transformational work to both survive and thrive in a predominantly white institution”.

Victoria Matey-Mendoza, Programming & Events Manager for the Ethnic Student Center

The expansion combines the Multicultural Center, Viking Union, Bookstore, Multipurpose Room and KUGS within one building that honors and supports the University’s growing diverse population and engages the campus to better understand multiple cultures. Together with an interpretive planner, the design team led an in-depth, multi-year conversation with students to generate a unique graphic message for the Center that reflects the spirit of this place and the identities represented.

Learn more about the Multicultural Center project here.