Sustainability Action Plan

We created our Sustainability Action Plan to expand and advance our sustainable design practice through research and measurement, regenerative design, and inclusivity in the pursuit of social justice. Opsis’s Sustainability Action Plan documents what we believe and how we aspire to live, learn, work and play. Our top ongoing practices:

Laboratory for Learning: Our office serves as a living laboratory for our team to put sustainable strategies into practice. The building was renovated to maximize sustainability, including lighting, energy, water, mechanical systems and finish materials. We are currently using our space to put into practice design ideas that better support wellness, rejuvenation and creative thinking for all our staff.

Alternative Transportation: To encourage alternative transportation, the firm offers discounted passes for public transportation and an electric office car for business travel. We offer ample secure bike storage, a shower and changing room, spare bicycle supplies and bike maintenance clinics are available to cyclists.

Waste Reduction: We compost our food scraps; embrace digital methods of sharing information; print in black and white, double-sided, or on single-side reuse paper when necessary; and recycle batteries, printer cartridges, and even the metal rings from old product binders. Each workstation is outfitted with a recycling container in lieu of trash receptacles, motivating individual waste reduction and raising our collective awareness of the waste-not mentality at Opsis.