Wacheno Welcome Center

Clackamas Community College

Providing a “one place” destination for students navigating college success, the Wacheno Welcome Center creates a central location on campus that welcomes and invites students upon arrival. At Wacheno Welcome Center, the “one place” model promotes access and removes physical and psychological barriers for students seeking services and connections that support their success and program completion.

Size: 52,000 sf
Location: Oregon City, OR

2023, ACUI, Facility Design Award

Clackamas Community College’s focus on removing barriers that students face meant it was critical for program spaces in this building be designed specifically to meet students where they are. The building is located at the main entry point to campus and is connected to the existing Community Center where student clubs and organizations all have an address facing the main student lounge and social gathering space.

All spaces are designed to support their introduction to the world of higher education through a balanced, transparent and safe environment that provides confidentiality where needed. Starting with the one-stop resource desk, students are greeted and invited into the two-story “campus living room” with interactive social and study spaces.

The open, daylit space offers a warm and comfortable environment with clear wayfinding and identities for college success and career workshops, veterans’ services, disability resource center, counseling, childcare and more.