Tibetan Peace Center

Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association

The Tibetan Peace Center was designed to become the gathering space for Portland’s Tibetan Community.

Size: 15,600 sf
Location: Portland, OR

The 15,600 sf Center was designed to house a library, museum, temple, offices, a kitchen and teachers’ residence. Designed with a Tibetan aesthetic, the center features a large, flexible space for performances, exhibits and ceremonies.

The stupa court is a circular paved surface that is separated by a walkway from the Tibetan Center building. The stupa court provides an outdoor gathering and ceremonial area and a location for the stupa, a symbolic sculptural element used in Buddhist religious ceremonies.

The project also incorporates a nature trail to accommodate the Buddhist ceremonial process of circumambulating around the facilities that comprise the Tibetan Peace Center. The nature of the ceremony requires a circular trail system that provides challenging navigation of the existing terrain.