Health Education Center

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom

The Health Education Center combines program areas for athletics, recreation and health professions classroom and lab space. The new campus focal point also creates a home for the Pierce Raider basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball teams.

Size: 39,000 sf
Location: Fort Steilacoom, WA
Design Architect: Opsis Architecture
Executive Architect: MSGS Architects

An existing swimming pool building was reconstructed as a two-story classroom and fitness center, and a new two-court competitive gym with bleacher seating for 2,000 spectators was added. The Center also provides open student recreation amenities for the College.

The second floor includes a large multi-purpose room, athletic department offices and recreation center offices. Support spaces include equipment check-out / storage, student locker rooms, team locker rooms, laundry and general storage.

The Diagnostic Health and Fitness Technician/Instructor program melds classroom instruction with the most technologically advanced laboratory equipment available. In the Health Assessment Laboratory, students gain critical, hands-on experience performing diagnostic tests and assessments, including hydrostatic weighing to test body composition and Max VO2 assessment with a metabolic cart. Knowing how and when to perform these critical tests gives students a competitive edge in various athletic and healthcare careers.

Two linear light monitors over the gym provide full daylighting of the court floor without glare, while a radiant heating system is combined with natural air ventilation to achieve high environmental and energy efficiency.