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Second Story’s Interactive Welcome Wall at Gonzaga University John J. Hemmingson Center

Interactive wall installations bring to life Gonzaga’s ever-evolving narrative, creating an emotive, meaningful, and connective experience for current and prospective students, alumni, and faculty.


This article was originally posted by Second Story – August 2015

Pursuing “lives of leadership and service for the common good,” students at Gonzaga are encouraged to grow not just intellectually but also spiritually, physically, and emotionally during their time at the university. Their separate paths converge to form a tight-knit global community bonded by the values they share. We created a pair of installations to represent this experience in Gonzaga’s student union, the John J. Hemmingson Center.

The Welcome Wall offers guests an introduction to Gonzaga’s rich past and vibrant present through a cinematic narrative presentation. It is a key stop on prospective student tours, featuring stories that encompass the tradition and transformation of the Gonzaga community.

The 8’ x 12’ Zag Wall represents the heart of the Hemmingson Center, a space for both connection and self-expression. Daily prompts invite visitors to write or draw on the wall, where they can also navigate through messages left behind by others. Using a custom CMS, the university can schedule prompts to ensure their relevance, timeliness, and ability to elicit lively discussions. The Zag Wall builds upon Gonzaga’s Ignatian philosophy, encouraging active participation, sharing of personal experiences, and reflective dialogue.

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