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James Meyer Interviewed on Portland Architecture

This article was originally posted on Portland Architecture 6 June 2011 | By Brian Libby

Though the Great Recession has not been kind to the architecture and construction industry, Opsis Architecture may serve as proof that the combination of skills – collaboration, innovation, humility, ingenuity – can still propel certain firms to prosperity.

Not among the biggest or smallest firms in town, Opsis remains busy with a host of public and private projects across the region. In particular, the firm – which Meyer formed with Alec Holser and Jim Kalveledge (all were colleagues at Yost Grube Hall) in 1999 – has made its name with several school projects over the years, both K-12 and colleges. Though the firm has yet to design a major building in central Portland, they’ve long been on the cusp. They were one of three finalists for Portland State University’s new building on the Urban Center plaza two years ago, for example, and produced an arguably far more compelling design than the ultimate winner, Yost Grube Hall. But as Meyer notes, the variety of projects, and the future in which they are designed, is what gets him excited.

“We’re doing food service, theaters, basketball courts, media centers, offices. Even as you start thinking about new working environments, we’re intrigued by that conversation related to all of these projects going on.”

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