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Campus of Hope: A Design Studio at the University of Oregon in Portland

February 26, 2017 – Portland, Ore. – Opsis Architecture leads UO Design Studio, “Campus of Hope: Addressing Portland’s Homeless Crisis.”

“Campus of Hope: Prospective Site Locations,” Graphic by Joe Baldwin, Opsis Architecture.

Opsis Principal Jim Kalvelage, AIA, and Associate Principal, Joe Baldwin, AIA, are leading a winter 2017 graduate design studio, “Campus of Hope: Addressing Portland’s Homeless Crisis,” a design course focused on providing relief to Portland’s ongoing homeless crisis.

A collaboration with the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts Department of Architecture in Portland, the studio calls upon graduate-level design students to consider and produce designs for a multi-service homeless campus center located in Portland’s inner city.

The students have been charged with developing potential visions for the Campus of Hope, a comprehensive, community-based multi-service campus center designed to rehabilitate and house the homeless in Portland. The students have immersed themselves in the homelessness issue by connecting with local homeless support organizations, visiting existing shelters as case studies, getting engaged with homelessness activists, and developing rich, complex transformational programs needed to address this complicated issue. The students are split into four groups, with each group analyzing a distinct downtown site while developing potential urban design strategies unique to their site for their respective campuses. Ultimately, students will be developing interventions within the urban design framework of their sites that will imagine the social, urban and architectural potential for the Campus of Hope.

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