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Bend’s Simpson Pavilion Receives Architectural Showcase 30th Annual Public Recreation Recognition from Athletic Business, June 2017

Opsis Architecture and The Pavilion (Bend Park & Recreation District) was recently recognized in the Athletic Business magazine for Public Recreation as part of their 30th annual Architectural Showcase.

The Pavilion is a seasonal, NHL regulation-size ice rink and sports facility, organized with one public entry point that provides access to the ice skate rental center, administrative offices, concessions areas, restrooms, and a divisible multipurpose room with an overlook of the ice rink.

A covered exterior walkway leads to team locker rooms, an exterior concessions window, the ice rink, storage support spaces and outdoor amenities.

A perimeter ETFE fabric screen mitigates wind, solar radiation, and driven rain and snow from affecting the ice while allowing transparency. The underside of the canopy is clad with a custom plywood wood-slat system that controls acoustics. A small, covered shelter and two fire pits provide support for gatherings and events.

The Pavilion is configured with the higher roof over the ice rink oriented to the south with street frontage, and is nestled into the sloping topography to mitigate the scale of the roof. The north orientation of the support building provides an inviting scale to the facility and offers an acoustical and nighttime lighting buffer to the adjoining neighborhood. The structural columns supporting The Pavilion’s inclined roof had to be custom-made due to their size.

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