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The Beauty of Zero – Painters Hall Showcased In Trim Tab Magazine

From our earliest childhood interactions we are taught to reward those with the highest possible score. Whether it’s achieving top marks on an exam, yelping to find that 4-out-of-5 star indie restaurant, scoring a star athlete on a scale of 1o, and even racking up checklist items for LEED®. Whatever the medium, evidently the one with the most points wins. So, why then is one of the least talked about numbers making a comeback in our most efficient buildings? The story of net zero might not be what you think.

Net Zero, It’s About Perspective
To earn Net Zero Energy Building Certification, a program of the International Living Future Institute, a building of any size must achieve the energy and beauty petals of the Living Building Challenge as well as the Limits to Growth and Rights to Nature Imperatives. While the main focus of this certification is related to energy (one hundred percent of the building’s energy needs on a net annual basis must be supplied by on-site renewable energy), the most attractive quality about net zero is not about data hunting, it is the search for beauty and inspiration. Since the launch of the Net Zero Energy Building Certification program in late 2011 two projects have achieved certification, the Ideas Z2 Design Facility in San Jose, CA and the Painters Hall Community Center at Pringle Creek in Salem, OR. …

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