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Bend Parks & Recreation Administration Sustainable Case Study

The Administration Building for the Bend Parks and Recreation District provides office space for current staff and allow for the department’s anticipated growth over the next 20 years. In keeping with the Bend Parks and Recreation District mission, the Administration Building project is committed to environmental stewardship and respect for the surrounding landscape. Public indoor and outdoor spaces are integral to the overall design, making the building a point of congregation and creating a welcoming “park-like” experience for visitors.

The site, in the Mill District area of southwest Bend, was selected due to its visibility and central location, ideal for serving the community and the district at large. In an effort to respect the existing landscape, existing trees and groundcover were maintained as much as possible. The project also included the restoration of native habitat along the Deschutes River. Vegetated open space preserved as part of the Administration Building project totals 377,836 sf, 345% more than is required by the local zoning code. On-site stormwater is collected, treated, and filtered by an expansive green roof, a series of bio-filtration basins and rock trenches.

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